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 The Safety of This Insanity

 They say the definition of insanity is to do the same thing repeatedly but expect a different result each time…well when did my insanity begin?

Was it when the sound of my child bursting through the door after a bright, sunny day at school never happened?

Or was it when hour after hour passed without me hearing a single word about where he was, what had happened to him or even now, what may STILL happen caused a cold fear to encompass my heart?

Maybe it was when the shackles, cold steel and plexi-glass limited my access to the one who was born flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone when all I wanted to do was wipe the one tear that nobody else saw away from eyes that were never to gleam the same.

Did my insanity begin in the silent times when I questioned myself “Where did I go wrong?”  “What did I miss?”  “How did I let this happen?” Or, perhaps it was when some of those trusted confidantes closest to me whispered amongst themselves “I’m not surprised…”

And yet the timing of this insanity is irrelevant.  The truth of the matter is that in all the chaos I have found a hiding place, a safe haven, a solidarity that can never be broken!  And so, I fight.

I fight because I MUST and yes, I am considered insane.  Insane for not giving up, giving in or giving over one of the best parts of myself to a monster that thrives on blood and fear!

Insane because many times I get lost in an abyss of hurt and sadness that is known to too many, but voiced by so few.

And this insanity is driving me, coercing me and yet freeing me to help free others.  If being this crazy has taught me anything it is that if you free your mind your ass will have no choice but to follow!

So, yes, even in this out of control space I found what I need to keep me in the fight…the safety of this insanity for me? Has been the blessing of all of You.

*An original by Syncere the Poet aka Tracey Wells-Huggins

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